Katherine Howe Visiting Writer Series

Katherine Howe was the second visiting writer to come to Lenoir-Rhyne University in 2015 for the Visiting Writers Series. She is also the visiting writer who is staying and teaching for the semester this year on campus. She teaches a writing and reading class. Before the Visiting Writing Series, I did not know who she was at all. I was surprised to hear that she was teaching a class here on campus. I was excited to hear speak because after reading an excerpt from her in class, I found out that she liked witches and stuff like that. I thought that it was pretty cool. I thought that she was going to be pretty interesting when she gave her presentation. She did a really great job. I was very interested in listening to her speak.

Before she started speaking she gave a brief run through of how she was going to do her presentation. She started off by reading from her book Conversion. This was a very interesting piece. She then talked about how she got inspired to write this book from the house she lived in. She lived in a really old house near Salem, Massachusetts. I believe she lives in Morehead if I am not mistaken. She said that Morehead is pretty much like the New Salem with black cats, and just witchy stuff like palm reading and tarot card places. I think it would pretty cool to visit that place. Next she talked to us about a new book she was writing. She read an excerpt from that and it sounded pretty interesting. I would love to read her book Conversion or the new one that she is writing when it comes out.

One thought on “Katherine Howe Visiting Writer Series”

  1. Aaliyah, you offer a thoughtful account of Katherine Howe’s presentation but the inaccuracy regarding the town near Salem (Marblehead, Massachusetts, not Morehead) undermines the credibility of your prose. In the future, if you can’t verify a fact for your blog post, omit it. I’m glad that you were able to attend Howe’s presentation and hope that students who couldn’t attend will read your post to gain a sense of what she revealed about her fascination with history and her writing process. As you compose your remaining required blog entries, focus on combining sentences and aim for a slightly more formal but still conversational voice.


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