Paul Muldoon

Paul muldoon is the third visiting writer this year to come speak. There was supposed to be a convocation but it may have been cancelled due the snow we had. Instead of writing about his presentation i will be focusing on his poem “Hedgehog”.

When I first read “Hedgehog”, I did not know what to think. At first, just because of the title I thought it would be weird. It wasn’t a bad poem. I liked it. The poem starts out talking about a snail moving like a hovercraft. He says “Sharing its secret with the hedgehog”, I don’t know what the secret is that the hedgehog shares. I want to know what it is too. The hedgehog is very secretive so he doesn’t share his secret with anyone it goes on to say. Paul Muldoon writes, ” come out of yourself and we will love you.” He is wanting the hedgehog to not be scared and secretive but be open and share its secret. He tries to comfort the hedgehog. The hedgehog doesn’t budge and doesn’t share its secret with him. That’s a very good hedgehog. I wouldn’t share my secret either. He then compares the hedgehogs quills to the crown of thorns that Jesus wore on his head. That was an interesting comparison. Overall I really enjoyed reading this poem.

One thought on “Paul Muldoon”

  1. Aaliyah, your blog post presents a thoughtful reading of Paul Muldoon’s poem “Hedgehog,” focusing the snail’s secret and the crown-of-thorns metaphor, but errors such as writing a lower case “i” for “I” mar the prose, and your entry lacks a link to at least one relevant website. I hope that you will have the opportunity to hear Muldoon read from his work when he appears at Lenoir-Rhyne for his rescheduled visit.


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